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White papers

White papers about standards:


3Versatile Video CodingWhite paper on Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
8Network based Media ProcessingWhite paper on Network Based Media Processing
8Network based Media ProcessingNBMP Vision Paper
8Network based Media ProcessingInvestigation on Network-based Media Processing
9Geometry-based Point Cloud CompressionWhite paper on G-PCC
12Immersive VideoWhite paper on MPEG Immersive video
14Scene Description for MPEG MediaWhite paper on MPEG-I Scene Description


MPEG-DASH: The Standard for Multimedia Streaming Over Internet
White paper on Spatial Relationship Description in MPEG DASH part 1 AMD2
MPEG-DASH’s New Features
3Implementation GuidelinesTechnical Note: AAC-ELD v2 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE
3Implementation GuidelinesTechnical Note: AAC Implementation Guidelines for DASH
6DASH with Server Push and WebSocketsWhite paper on MPEG-DASH with Server Push and WebSockets


White Paper on State of the Art in compression and transmission of 3D Video
1MPEG Media Transport (MMT)White paper on MPEG Media Transport (MMT)
2High Efficiency Video CodingWhite paper on HEVC support for consumer HDR and WCG video
2High Efficiency Video CodingWhite Paper on HEVC
33D AudioWhite paper on MPEG-H 3D Audio


White paper on the objectives and benefits of the MPEG-G standard
White paper on MPEG-G and its application of regulations and privacy
1Transport and Storage of Genomic InformationWhitepaper: Common Encryption for ISO Base Media Files
1Transport and Storage of Genomic InformationWhite Paper on genomic information compression and storage
1Transport and Storage of Genomic InformationWhite paper on genomic information compression and storage
6Coding of Genomic AnnotationsWhite paper on Coding of Genomic Annotations


Overview of the MPEG-4 Standard
3AudioWhite Paper on AAC-ELD Family of Standards for High Quality Communication Services
3AudioWhite paper on AAC Transport Formats
3AudioWhite paper on MPEG AAC Family of Codecs
12ISO base Media File FormatWhite paper on an Overview of the ISO Base Media File Format
12ISO base Media File FormatCarriage of NAL unit structured video in the ISO Base Media File Format
16Animation Framework eXtension (AFX)White paper on Three-Dimensional Graphics Compression (3DGC)
22Open Font FormatWhite paper on ISO/IEC 14496-22 "Open Font Format"
28Composite Font RepresentationISO/IEC 14496-28 "Composite Font Representation"
30Timed Text and other Visual Overlays in ISO base Media File FormatWhite Paper on Carriage of Timed Text and Other Visual Overlays


1Essential Video CodingWhite paper on Essential Video Coding (EVC)
2Low Complexity Enhancement Video CodingWhite paper on Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC)


6Extensions for DSM-CCIntroduction to Digital Storage Media - Command and Control (DSM-CC)


1ArchitectureExploration on Wearable MPEG
1ArchitectureExploration on Media-centric Internet of Things
1ArchitectureIoMT White Paper


MPEG-U Widgets One-Pager
White Paper on MPEG-U


White Paper on MPEG-M: A Digital Media Ecosystem for Interoperable Applications


Text of white paper on MPEG-V
Interfacing with Virtual Worlds


4Video Tool LibraryWhite Paper on Reconfigurable Media coding


12Sample variantsWhitepaper for ISO/IEC 23001-12:2015
13Media OrchestrationMedia Orchestration between Streams and Devices via new MPEG Timed Metadata, MPEG-MORE (Media OrchEstration)


13Augmented Reality Application FormatWhite Paper on the 2nd edition of ARAF
15Multimedia Preservation Application FormatWhite Paper on MPEG Multimedia Preservation Application Format (MP-AF)
18Media Linking Application FormatWhite Paper on Media Linking Application Format
19Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for Segmented MediaCommon Media Application Format (CMAF)
19Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for Segmented MediaWhite paper on CMAF the 3rd Edition
22Multi-Image Application Format (MIAF)White paper on Multi-Image Application Format


MPEG-21 Overview v.5
19Media Value Chain OntologyWhite paper on MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Ontologies
21Media Contract OntologyWhite Paper on MPEG-21 Contract Expression Language (CEL) and MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology (MCO)
23MPEG IPR Smart ContractsWhite paper on MPEG Smart Contracts for Media


MPEG-7 Overview
9Profiles and LevelsWhite Paper on the MPEG-7 AudioVisual Description Profile (AVDP)
12Query FormatThe MPEG Query Format: Standardizing Access to Multimedia Retrieval Systems
13Compact Descriptors for Visual SearchCompact Descriptors for Visual Search (CDVS) – The Standard for Image Search
13Compact Descriptors for Visual SearchWhite Paper on Compact Descriptors for Visual Search
15Compact Descriptors for Video AnalysisCompact Descriptors for Visual Analysis (CDVA) – Efficient Search in Large-scale Video Content
17Compression of Neural Networks for Multimedia Content Description and analysisWhite Paper on Neural Network Coding
17Compression of Neural Networks for Multimedia Content Description and analysisWhite paper on Neural Network Compression


183D PrintingInvestigation on 3D Printing


2Spatial Audio Object Coding (SAOC)Text of White Paper on MPEG Technology: Spatial Audio Object Coding
4Dynamic range controlWhite Paper on MPEG-D Dynamic Range Control