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White papers

White papers about standards:


PartPublication DateTitle
3 Versatile Video Coding2022-01-06White paper on Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
4 Immersive Audio2024-05-07White Paper on MPEG-I Immersive Audio
8 Network based Media Processing2021-10-10White paper on Network Based Media Processing
8 Network based Media Processing2019-01-18NBMP Vision Paper
8 Network based Media Processing2018-04-21Investigation on Network-based Media Processing
9 Geometry-based Point Cloud Compression2023-04-30White paper on G-PCC
12 Immersive Video2022-01-25White paper on MPEG Immersive video
14 Scene Description for MPEG Media2022-11-06White paper on MPEG-I Scene Description


PartPublication DateTitle
2013-04-29MPEG-DASH: The Standard for Multimedia Streaming Over Internet
2015-10-23White paper on Spatial Relationship Description in MPEG DASH part 1 AMD2
2017-01-23MPEG-DASH’s New Features
3 Implementation Guidelines2015-02-24Technical Note: AAC-ELD v2 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE
3 Implementation Guidelines2015-02-24Technical Note: AAC Implementation Guidelines for DASH
6 DASH with Server Push and WebSockets2017-10-30White paper on MPEG-DASH with Server Push and WebSockets


PartPublication DateTitle
2013-01-28White Paper on State of the Art in compression and transmission of 3D Video
1 MPEG Media Transport (MMT)2015-08-04White paper on MPEG Media Transport (MMT)
2 High Efficiency Video Coding2018-04-21White paper on HEVC support for consumer HDR and WCG video
2 High Efficiency Video Coding2015-02-20White Paper on HEVC
3 3D Audio2022-11-06White paper on MPEG-H 3D Audio


PartPublication DateTitle
2018-02-12White paper on the objectives and benefits of the MPEG-G standard
2021-08-09White paper on MPEG-G and its application of regulations and privacy
1 Transport and Storage of Genomic Information2017-10-30Whitepaper: Common Encryption for ISO Base Media Files
1 Transport and Storage of Genomic Information2015-03-02White Paper on genomic information compression and storage
1 Transport and Storage of Genomic Information2015-02-12White paper on genomic information compression and storage
6 Coding of Genomic Annotations2023-04-30White paper on Coding of Genomic Annotations


PartPublication DateTitle
2002-04-18Overview of the MPEG-4 Standard
3 Audio2015-02-24White Paper on AAC-ELD Family of Standards for High Quality Communication Services
3 Audio2014-07-11White paper on AAC Transport Formats
3 Audio2019-07-12White paper on MPEG AAC Family of Codecs
12 ISO base Media File Format2014-01-25White paper on an Overview of the ISO Base Media File Format
12 ISO base Media File Format2014-01-25Carriage of NAL unit structured video in the ISO Base Media File Format
16 Animation Framework eXtension (AFX)2018-07-15White paper on Three-Dimensional Graphics Compression (3DGC)
22 Open Font Format2013-11-20White paper on ISO/IEC 14496-22 "Open Font Format"
28 Composite Font Representation2011-04-01ISO/IEC 14496-28 "Composite Font Representation"
30 Timed Text and other Visual Overlays in ISO base Media File Format2014-07-11White Paper on Carriage of Timed Text and Other Visual Overlays


PartPublication DateTitle
1 Essential Video Coding2021-12-15White paper on Essential Video Coding (EVC)
2 Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding2022-01-25White paper on Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC)


PartPublication DateTitle
6 Extensions for DSM-CC2013-02-03Introduction to Digital Storage Media - Command and Control (DSM-CC)


PartPublication DateTitle
1 Architecture2015-03-03Exploration on Wearable MPEG
1 Architecture2015-03-04Exploration on Media-centric Internet of Things
1 Architecture2019-10-10IoMT White Paper


PartPublication DateTitle
2013-04-26MPEG-U Widgets One-Pager
2013-04-26White Paper on MPEG-U


PartPublication DateTitle
2013-04-26White Paper on MPEG-M: A Digital Media Ecosystem for Interoperable Applications


PartPublication DateTitle
2014-01-21Text of white paper on MPEG-V
2012-08-16Interfacing with Virtual Worlds


PartPublication DateTitle
4 Video Tool Library2014-10-24White Paper on Reconfigurable Media coding


PartPublication DateTitle
12 Sample variants2017-07-24Whitepaper for Sample Variants in the ISO base media format
13 Media Orchestration2019-03-29Media Orchestration between Streams and Devices via new MPEG Timed Metadata, MPEG-MORE (Media OrchEstration)


PartPublication DateTitle
13 Augmented Reality Application Format2016-04-01White Paper on the 2nd edition of ARAF
15 Multimedia Preservation Application Format2015-06-27White Paper on MPEG Multimedia Preservation Application Format (MP-AF)
18 Media Linking Application Format2018-07-20White Paper on Media Linking Application Format
19 Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for Segmented Media2017-10-30Common Media Application Format (CMAF)
19 Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for Segmented Media2022-08-01White paper on CMAF the 3rd Edition
22 Multi-Image Application Format (MIAF)2020-10-29White paper on Multi-Image Application Format


PartPublication DateTitle
2012-08-16MPEG-21 Overview v.5
19 Media Value Chain Ontology2019-07-09White paper on MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Ontologies
21 Media Contract Ontology2017-08-29White Paper on MPEG-21 Contract Expression Language (CEL) and MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology (MCO)
23 MPEG IPR Smart Contracts2022-05-17White paper on MPEG Smart Contracts for Media


PartPublication DateTitle
2019-01-26MPEG-7 Overview
9 Profiles and Levels2013-08-02White Paper on the MPEG-7 AudioVisual Description Profile (AVDP)
12 Query Format2013-08-02The MPEG Query Format: Standardizing Access to Multimedia Retrieval Systems
13 Compact Descriptors for Visual Search2016-06-30Compact Descriptors for Visual Search (CDVS) – The Standard for Image Search
13 Compact Descriptors for Visual Search2013-07-06White Paper on Compact Descriptors for Visual Search
15 Compact Descriptors for Video Analysis2019-01-18Compact Descriptors for Visual Analysis (CDVA) – Efficient Search in Large-scale Video Content
17 Compression of Neural Networks for Multimedia Content Description and analysis2022-01-25White Paper on Neural Network Coding
17 Compression of Neural Networks for Multimedia Content Description and analysis2024-01-29White paper on Neural Network Compression


PartPublication DateTitle
18 3D Printing2015-02-27Investigation on 3D Printing


PartPublication DateTitle
2 Spatial Audio Object Coding (SAOC)2015-10-27Text of White Paper on MPEG Technology: Spatial Audio Object Coding
4 Dynamic range control2015-02-24White Paper on MPEG-D Dynamic Range Control