AG 3 – MPEG Liaison and Communication

Terms of reference: Liaison and Communication of plans, activities and results to the industry and the standard user community, in collaboration with AGs and WGs:

  • Review the communication aspects of SC 29 MPEG standards (e.g. Introduction, Scope, illustrative figures);
  • Develop material that illustrates the motivations, the nature and the benefits from the adoption of SC 29 MPEG standards;
  • Produce descriptions of SC 29 MPEG standards activities;
  • Identify and organise internal as well as external workshops and seminars designed to promote understanding of SC 29 MPEG standards;
  • Identify opportunities for and coordinate the production of technical papers related to SC 29 MPEG standards for submission to journals and conferences;
  • Review and harmonise proposals for liaisons to external organisation;
  • Assign input liaisons to appropriate WGs/AGs.

Meeting documents of AG 3

MPEG 140

AllWhite paper on MPEG-H 3D Audio
AllWhite paper on MPEG-I Scene Description
AllAssets of communication
AllPress Release of MPEG 140th meeting

MPEG 139

AllWhite paper on CMAF the 3rd Edition
AllAssets of Communication
AllPress Release of MPEG 139th meeting

MPEG 138

AllWhite paper on MPEG Smart Contracts for Media
AllAssets of Communication
AllPress Release of MPEG 138th meeting

MPEG 137

AllWhite Paper on Neural Network Coding
AllWhite paper on Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC)
AllWhite paper on MPEG Immersive video
AllAssets of Communication
AllPress Release of MPEG 137th meeting

MPEG 136

AllWhite paper on Essential Video Coding (EVC)
AllAssets of Communication
AllPress Release of MPEG 136th meeting

MPEG 135

AllWhite paper on Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
AllWhite paper on MPEG-G and its application of regulations and privacy
AllAssets of Communication
AllPress Release of MPEG 135th meeting

MPEG 134

AllWhite paper on Video based Point Cloud Compression (V-PCC)
AllAssets of Communication
AllLiaison statement to ITU-T SG 13 on Review of Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap

MPEG 133

AllWhite paper on Network Based Media Processing
AllAssets of Comunication