Meeting documents

MPEG 142

Publication dateTitle
2023-04-30Assets of communication
2023-05-14Press Release of MPEG 142nd meeting

MPEG 141

Publication dateTitle
2023-02-13Assets of communication
2023-02-23Press Release of MPEG 141th meeting

MPEG 140

Publication dateTitle
2022-11-06Assets of communication
2022-11-23Press Release of MPEG 140th meeting

MPEG 139

Publication dateTitle
2022-08-01Assets of Communication
2022-08-08Press Release of MPEG 139th meeting

MPEG 138

Publication dateTitle
2022-05-17Assets of Communication
2022-06-15Press Release of MPEG 138th meeting

MPEG 137

Publication dateTitle
2022-01-25Assets of Communication
2022-02-04Press Release of MPEG 137th meeting

MPEG 136

Publication dateTitle
2021-10-18Assets of Communication
2021-11-03Press Release of MPEG 136th meeting
2021-11-21Guidelines for Verification Testing of Visual Media Specifications
2021-11-21Guidelines for Remote Experts Viewing sessions
2021-10-18Report on MPEG AG 5 Workshop on Quality of Immersive Media: Assessment and Metrics

MPEG 135

Publication dateTitle
2021-08-27Guidelines for Verification Testing of Visual Media Specifications (draft 2)
2021-09-03Guidelines for remote experts viewing sessions (draft 1)
2021-09-22Workshop on Quality of Immersive Media: Assessment and Metrics
2021-07-27Assets of Communication
2021-08-02Press Release of MPEG 135th meeting

MPEG 134

Publication dateTitle
2021-05-28White paper on Video based Point Cloud Compression (V-PCC)
2021-05-28Assets of Communication
2021-05-28Liaison statement to ITU-T SG 13 on Review of Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap

MPEG 133

Publication dateTitle
2021-10-10Assets of Comunication

MPEG 132

Publication dateTitle
2020-10-29Assets of Communication