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MPEG 122

MPEG 122 took place in San Diego from 2018-04-16 until 2018-04-20.

Output documents published in MPEG 122


Requirements on MPEG-I Scene Description
1Immersive MediaText of PDTR ISO/IEC 23090-1 Immersive Media Architecture
2Omnidirectional Media FormatMPEG-I Phase 2 Use Cases
3Versatile Video CodingWorking Draft 1 of Versatile Video Coding
3Versatile Video CodingTest Model 1 of Versatile Video Coding (VTM 1)
7Immersive Media MetadataCall for Test Materials for 3DoF+ Visual
8Network based Media ProcessingUse cases and requirements for NBMP (v4)
8Network based Media ProcessingCall for Proposals on Network-Based Media Processing
8Network based Media ProcessingInvestigation on NBMP


Use Cases for an efficient Genomic information representation
Workshop on Genomic Information Representation
Updated database for Genomic Information Compression and Storage


Requirements for Internet of Media Things
1ArchitectureText of ISO/IEC CD 23093-1 IoMT Architecture
2Discovery and Communication APIText of ISO/IEC CD 23093-2 Discovery and Communication API
3Media data formats and APIText of ISO/IEC CD 23093-3 Media data formats and API


MPEG Standardization Roadmap
7Immersive VideoCall for MPEG-I Visual Test Materials on 6DoF
22[removed]Use cases and requirements for Compressed Representation of Neural Networks
22[removed]Call for Test Data for Compressed Representation of Neural Networks

Other documents published in MPEG 122

Press ReleasePress Release of 122nd Meeting