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MPEG 125

MPEG 125 took place in Marrakesh from 2019-01-14 until 2019-01-18.

Output documents published in MPEG 125


Overview of Immersive media standards (v6.0)
Draft information on workshop on standard coding technologies for immersive visual experiences
2Omnidirectional Media FormatRequirements for MPEG-I Phase 2
3Versatile Video CodingWorking Draft 4 of Versatile Video Coding
3Versatile Video CodingTest Model 4 of Versatile Video Coding (VTM 3)
7Immersive Media MetadataCall for Proposals on 3DoF+ Visual
8Network based Media ProcessingText of ISO/IEC CD 23090-8 Network-based Media Processing
8Network based Media ProcessingWD of Implementation Guideline on Network-based Media Processing
9Geometry-based Point Cloud CompressionG-PCC codec description


12Image File FormatText of ISO/IEC FDIS 23008-12 3rd edition Image File Format


MPEG-G Genomic Information Database
Master table of Terms and Definitions for ISO/IEC 23092
Presentations of the MPEG WS in Shenzhen: MPEG-G - a standard to compress DNA reads


7Immersive VideoCall for MPEG-I Visual Test Materials
29Compressed representation of neural networksUpdated Evaluation Framework for Compressed Representation of Neural Networks
29Compressed representation of neural networksUpdated Call for Proposals on Neural Network Compression

Other documents published in MPEG 125

Press ReleasePress Release of 125th Meeting
Work planMPEG Standardization Roadmap
PromotionWhite paper on Compact Descriptor for Video Analysis
PromotionNetwork Based Media Processing Vision Paper