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MPEG 120

MPEG 120 took place in Macau from 2017-10-23 until 2017-10-27.

Output documents published in MPEG 120


2Omnidirectional Media FormatAnnouncement of OMAF Developers` Day
3Versatile Video CodingRequirements for Future Video Coding Standard v5
3Versatile Video CodingJoint Call for Proposals on Video Compression with Capability beyond HEVC
3Versatile Video CodingAlgorithm descriptions of projection format conversion and video quality metrics in 360Lib Version 5


33D AudioText of ISO/IEC 23008-3:2015/PDAM 5, Audio Metadata Enhancements
8Conformance Specification for HEVCWD 7 of Conformance Testing for HEVC Screen Content Coding (SCC) Extensions and Non-Intra High Throughput Profiles


1Transport and Storage of Genomic InformationText of ISO/IEC 23092-1 CD, Transport and Storage of Genomic Information


10Advanced Video CodingWD of content light level SEI message in AVC
22Open Font FormatText of ISO/IEC DIS 14496-22 4th edition


4Usage of Video Signal Type Code PointsWD of ISO/IEC TR 23091-4 Usage of video signal type code points


15Compact Descriptors for Video AnalysisWD 2 of ISO/IEC 15938-15 Compact Descriptors for Video Analysis
15Compact Descriptors for Video AnalysisCDVA Experimentation Model (CXM) 3
15Compact Descriptors for Video AnalysisDescription of Core Experiments in CDVA


23Advance signalling of MPEG containers contentAdvance signaling of MPEG containers content

Other documents published in MPEG 120

Press ReleasePress Release of the 120th Meeting
Work planMPEG Standards
Work planMPEG work plan
Work planComplete list of all MPEG standards
Terms of ReferenceTerms of Reference
Terms of ReferenceTerms of Reference of the ITU-T/ISO/IEC Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) for Video Coding Standard Development
Time lineMPEG time line
AssetsSchema assets
AssetsURI assets
IPRCall for patent statements on standards under development
List of Organizations in liaisonList of organisations in liaison with MPEG