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MPEG 126

MPEG 126 took place in Geneva from 2019-03-25 until 2019-03-29.

Output documents published in MPEG 126


Requirements on Integration of Scene Description in MPEG-I
MPEG-I Phase 2 Use Cases
Draft Requirements for Immersive Media Access and Delivery
Workshop on Coding Technologies for Immersive Audio/Visual Experiences
3Versatile Video CodingWorking Draft 5 of Versatile Video Coding
3Versatile Video CodingTest Model 5 of Versatile Video Coding (VTM 5)
9Geometry-based Point Cloud CompressionText of ISO/IEC CD 23090-9 Geometry-based Point Cloud Compression


2High Efficiency Video CodingHigh Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Test Model 16 (HM 16) Encoder Description Update 10


MPEG-G Genomic Information Database
Master table of Terms and Definitions for ISO/IEC 23092
6Coding of Genomic AnnotationsTest data for future standardization activities in the area of genomic information representation
6Coding of Genomic AnnotationsDraft requirements for MPEG-G Part 6 Annotations
6Coding of Genomic AnnotationsDraft Call for Proposals for Coding of Genomic Annotations
6Coding of Genomic AnnotationsCall for test data for coding of genomic annotations


4Usage of Video Signal Type Code PointsWD4 of Version 2 of ISO/IEC TR 23091-4 Usage of video signal type code points


7Immersive VideoCall for MPEG-I Visual Test Materials
30Adaptive delivery and access to Immersive MediaThoughts on Immersive Media Decoding Interface for VVC
32Data CompressionData compression for machine tools

Other documents published in MPEG 126

Press ReleasePress Release of 126th Meeting
Work planWG 11 Standardization Roadmap
PromotionWhite paper on the MPEG AAC Family of Codecs
PromotionWhite paper on MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Ontologies
PromotionWhite paper on Media Orchestration (MORE)