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What is MPEG?

MPEG (pronounced M-peg), which stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, is the name of a family of standards used for coding audio-visual information (e.g., movies, video, music) in a digital compressed format.

The major advantage of MPEG compared to other video and audio coding formats is that MPEG files are much smaller for the same quality. This is because MPEG uses very sophisticated compression techniques.

What is MPEG.ORG?

MPEG.ORG is the most complete and comprehensive index of MPEG resources on the Internet. MPEG.ORG mostly focuses on the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 standards.

Play MPEG now!

On the Web, MPEG Video files have the extension .mpg and MPEG Audio files generally have the extension .mp2 or .mp3.

In order to play MPEG Video files or MPEG Audio, you should install an MPEG video player and an MPEG Audio Player on your system.

Site Overview

MPEG.ORG is a roadmap to the best MPEG resources on the Internet. If you are interested in the MPEG technology, you sure found the right place!

We have pages with lots of Video, Audio and Systems technical resources, source code, test bitstreams etc. We also have a page dedicated to MPEG Audio Layer 3 aka MP3.

Our MPEG Software Simulation Group (MSSG) page gives you access to the source code of several public-domain MPEG encoders, decoders and players.

You can browse our growing list of MPEG-related companies with our Companies page.

If you are looking for MPEG products (hardware encoders, decoders boards, software players etc), check out our Product Reviews page.

You can search several databases for MPEG Shareware and free Software with our Products and Shareware page.

You can use our local Search engine to find what you are looking for among our 2000 links and references.


MPEG.ORG is published by MpegTV and edited by Tristan Savatier who has been an active member of the MPEG Committee from 1988 to 1995 and has participated to the making of the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video standards.

Chad Fogg, another member of the MPEG Committee, has contributed many valuable technical resources to MPEG.ORG. Davis Pan, also in the MPEG Committee, contributed some technical resources about MPEG Audio.