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Workshop on 3D Immersive Visual Media Coding

Date and Time: 1400 – 16:30 UTC, Thursday 9th December 2021

As part of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29/AG4 mandate to promote collaboration between MPEG and JPEG across a variety of activities, a workshop has been planned to examine the work done by both groups in the exciting area of 3D Immersive Visual Media Coding. Covering a wide variety of technologies and application areas such as point clouds, immersive video, holography and light fields, this emerging field promises to provide powerful new modalities to users to experience and interact with 3D digital worlds. At the Workshop on 3D Immersive Visual Media Coding, you will hear about the latest work by WG4 (MPEG Video coding), WG1 (JPEG Coding of digital representations of images) and WG7 (MPEG 3D Graphics coding) to develop robust and effective standards to support future 3D technologies and be able to participate in a panel discussion on how MPEG and JPEG can collaborate in this field.

Please join us for an interesting Workshop!
Zoom Link:

Presentation Topics (20 mins each)

  1. WG4 work on Immersive Video (MIV) (Presenter: Bart Kroon)
  2. WG1 work on Holography (Presenter: Peter Schelkens)
  3. WG1 work on Point Cloud Coding (Presenter: Stuart Perry)
  4. WG7 work on Point Cloud Coding (Presenter: Marius Preda)
  5. WG4 work on Light Field Lenslet Coding (Presenter: Mehrdad Teratani)
  6. WG1 work on Light field Coding (Presenter: Cristian Perra)

Panel Discussion (30 mins)

Moderators: (Stuart Perry and Marius Preda)
Topic: What are the key areas of commonality and potential collaboration between MPEG and JPEG?