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Fourth AG4 Workshop on JPEG and MPEG Emerging Activities

Purpose: to continue the exchange of information and discussion of JPEG and MPEG emerging activities where there is potential for collaboration.
•Chairs: Igor Curcio, Fernando Pereira
•Time: 27th February 2024 (Tuesday), 2-4pm UTC
•Zoom link:

Workshop Program:


Part 1:
–”Scene-based Interchange and Support of Immersive Displays”, Arianne Hinds
–”Unleashing the Power of Deep Learning in Image Compression: the JPEG AI Project”, João Ascenso
–”An Overview of the JPEG Trust Status and Future Plans”, Frederik Temmermans
–”Artificial Intelligence in 3D Point Cloud Compression”, Dong Tian

Part 2: Panel discussion coordinated by I. Curcio and F. Pereira