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Workshop: Streamed Media in Immersive Scene Descriptions

Zoom Webinar, September 29 and 30, 2021


MPEG and The Khronos Group are hosting a joint workshop on Streamed Media in Immersive Scene Descriptions. The primary purpose of the workshop is the exchange of information on developments in MPEG that relate to Khronos specifications, primarily glTF 2.0, and to seek feedback on the approaches taken. In addition, the workshop aims to identify additional synergies and opportunities for cooperation regarding Khronos standard APIs for GPU processing and XR run time APIs, MPEG’s work on digital representation of digital media, and 3GPP’s 5G-based advanced delivery of media.

The webinar will be run under the umbrella of the MPEG-I Scene description Ad Hoc Group (AHG) and is open to the public under the MPEG AHG policies as available here. Registered users are expected to consent to the policies laid out, in particular §9.

The workshop will be run over two days with a three hour Zoom session each day. The detailed program is provided below.



September 29, 2021: glTF and MPEG-I Scene Description
15:0013:006:00Welcome and IntroductionMPEG & Khronos Moderators
15:1013:106:10MPEG-I glTF2.0 ExtensionsMPEG (I. Bouazizi and L. Kondrad)
16:1014:107:10Updates on glTF2.0 in KhronosKhronos
September 29, 2021: Implementation Support
17:0015:008:00Industry Challenges on Immersive MediaRob Koenen (TiledMedia)
17:2015:208:20Implementation Support in Khronos & MPEGMPEG & Khronos
18:0016:009:00End of Day 1 
September 30, 2021: Video and 3DG
15:0013:006:00Summary of Day 1MPEG & Khronos Moderators
15:1013:106:10MPEG-I 3DG and Video UpdatesMPEG 3DG and Video (M. Preda et al.)
15:4013:406:40Video Decoding InterfaceMPEG Systems (Youngkwon Lim et al.)
15:5513:556:55Vulkan VideoKhronos
September 30, 2021: XR and Systems
16:2014:207:20MPEG-I Phase 2Imed Bouazizi (Qualcomm)
16:3214:327:32MPEG-I HapticsChris Ulrich (Immersion Corporation)
16:4414:447:44MPEG-I AudioSchuyler Quackenbush (Audio Chair)
17:0015:008:00Khronos OpenXRKhronos
17:2015:208:20Extended and Augmented Reality in 5G3GPP SA4 (F. Gabin et al.)
17:4515:458:45Wrap-up and Next StepsMPEG & Khronos Moderators
18:0016:009:00End of Day 2