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What’s new in MPEG?

The 131st MPEG meeting was held online from Monday, 29 June 2020 to Friday, 3 July 2020. The outcomes of this meeting and general news about MPEG were presented in the webinar “What’s new in MPEG?” on July 21st 2020.

Topics and Presenters were:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Jörn Ostermann, Acting Convenor of WG11 (MPEG)
  • Versatile Video Coding (VVC): Jens-Rainer Ohm and Gary Sullivan, JVET Chairs
  • MPEG 3D Audio: Schuyler Quackenbusch, MPEG Audio Chair
  • Video-based Point Cloud Compression (V-PCC): Marius, Preda, MPEG 3DG Chair
  • MPEG Immersive Video (MIV): Bart Kroon, MPEG Video BoG Chair
  • Carriage of Versatile Video Coding (VVC) and Essential Video Coding (EVC): Young-Kwon Lim, MPEG Systems Chair
  • MPEG Roadmap: Jörn Ostermann, Acting Convenor of WG11 (MPEG)

Slides and video recordings:

Video recording (10:00 UTC)

Video recording (21.00 UTC)