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ISO/IEC 23004
Multimedia Middleware

A standard for an Application Programming Interface (API) of Multimedia Middleware (M3W) that can be used to provide a uniform view to an interoperable multimedia middleware platform.


Part: 1
This standard provides the reference architecture of MPEG-E

Multimedia Application Programming Interface (API)
Part: 2
This standard specifies the MPEG-E API

Component Model
Part: 3
This standard gives rules on how to develop software in order to facilitate reuse and easy integration, but also supports a low resource footprint, (runtime) upgrading and extension, building robust and reliable software, and component trading

Resource and Quality Management
Part: 4
This standard specifies the M3W resource management framework based on guaranteed resource budgets and contract model

Component Download
Part: 5
This standard enables controlled transfer of components and support a large number of different download and upload scenarios.

Fault Management
Part: 6
This standard specifies an optional framework for fault management in order to have a dependable/reliable system in the context of faults

System Integrity Management
Part: 7
This standard specifies an optional framework for integrity management in order to have controlled upgrading and extension

Reference Software
Part: 8
Reference Software and Conformance for MPEG-E