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ISO/IEC 23000
Multimedia application format

A suite of standards specifying application formats that involve multiple MPEG and, where required, non MPEG standards


Purpose for Multimedia Application Formats
Part: 1
A TR outlining the scope and development plan of the MPEG-A project

MPEG Music Player Application Format
Part: 2
Provides an “extended MP3 format” to enable augmented experience of sound resources

MPEG Photo Player Application Format
Part: 3
Adds more information to the JPEG Format to enable augmented experience of photo resources

Musical Slide Show Application Format
Part: 4
Specification of a slide show with musical accompaniment (a superset of the Music and Photo Player Application Formats)

Media Streaming Application Format
Part: 5
Specifies a format to be played by a full-fledged media player for streaming governed content

Professional Archival Application Format
Part: 6
Provides a standard packaging format for carriage of content, metadata and logical structure of stored content and related data protection, integrity, governance, and compression tools

Open Access Application Format
Part: 7
Defines a format that allows for free access to content without making it public domain

Portable Video Application Format
Part: 8
Defines a format for interactive use of video files on portable devices

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Application Format
Part: 9
Defines a standard file format that can be used to store and exchange DMB content between DMB terminals

Surveillance Application Format
Part: 10
Provides a lightweight wrapper of video and audio coding, metadata and file format, suitable for video surveillance

Stereoscopic Video Application Format
Part: 11
Enables more realistic 3D visual experiences (with or without special glasses)

Interactive Music Application Format
Part: 12
Specifies an interactive music format with the possibility to access individual sound components

Augmented Reality Application Format
Part: 13
Specification of a format to enable consumption of 2D/3D multimedia content

Multimedia Preservation Application Format
Part: 15
Standard for Multimedia Preservation

Publish/Subscribe Application Format
Part: 16
A standard for the 4 payloads in PubSub messaging - for resource, subscription, publication and notification

Multiple Sensorial Media Application Format
Part: 17
Application Format enabling use of a plurality of senses

Media Linking Application Format
Part: 18
A format connecting a specific spatio-temporal portion of a source content with a specific spatio-temporal portion of a destination content

Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for Segmented Media
Part: 19
A format encompassing file format, security, and video and audio profiles

Visual Identity Management Application Format
Part: 21
To manage the visual identity contained in a visual file

Multi-Image Application Format (MIAF)
Part: 22
Multi-Image Application Format

Decentralized media rights application format
Part: 23

Messaging media application format
Part: 24