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ISO/IEC 21000
Multimedia framework

A suite of standard that define a normative open framework for end-to-end multimedia creation, delivery and consumption that provides content creators, producers, distributors and service providers with equal opportunities in the MPEG-21 enabled open market, and also be to the benefit of the content consumers providing them access to a large variety of content in an interoperable manner.


Vision, Technologies and Strategy
Part: 1
Initial outline of the MPEG-21 standard

Digital Item Declaration
Part: 2
Specification of the MPEG-21 Digital Item

Digital Item Identification
Part: 3
Specification of identification methods for Digital Items and their components

Intellectual Property Management and Protection Components
Part: 4
Specification of IPMP tools

Rights Expression Language
Part: 5
Specification of a language to express rights

Rights Data Dictionary
Part: 6
Specification of a dictionary of rights-related data

Digital Item Adaptation
Part: 7
Specification of Adaptation of Digital Item s and their components

Reference Software
Part: 8
Reference software for MPEG-21

File Format
Part: 9
Specification of a file format for MPEG021 Digital Items

Digital Item Processing
Part: 10
Specification of Digital Item Processing

Evaluation Tools for Persistent Association Technologies
Part: 11
Description of Evaluation Tools for assenging the performance of Persistent Association technologies

Test Bed for MPEG-21 Resource Delivery
Part: 12
Software implementing a Test Bed for MPEG-21 Resource Delivery

Conformance Testing
Part: 14
Specifies conformance testing bitstreams and methodologies

Event Reporting
Part: 15
Specification of an event reporting format

Binary Format
Part: 16
Specification of a binary format for Digital Items

Fragment Identification of MPEG Resources
Part: 17
Specification of an identification format for media fragments

Digital Item Streaming
Part: 18
Specification of a format for streaming of Digital Items

Media Value Chain Ontology
Part: 19
Specification of an ontology for Media Value Chain

Contract Expression Language
Part: 20
Specification of a language for digitally expressing contracts

Media Contract Ontology
Part: 21
Digita representation of media-related contracts

User Description
Part: 22
Exploration targeting a standard on User Description

MPEG IPR Smart Contracts
Part: 23


Publication dateTitle
0000-00-00MPEG-21 Overview v.5

Meeting documents

MPEG 136

Publication dateTitle
2021-10-16Call for Candidates for Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 21000-3 Digital Item Identification