MSSG: Free MPEG software

The free MPEG software developed by the MPEG Software Simulation Group (MSSG) includes an MPEG-2 Video Codec with source code (mpeg2encode and mpeg2decode).

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Stefan Eckart is the author of a fast MPEG-2 Player (mpeg2play), a fast MPEG-1 Player for Windows (VMPEG-1.7) and an MPEG-1 Player for DOS (VMPEG-1.2), based on the MSSG code.

For pointers to other MPEG Video players and help about installing an MPEG Video Player and configuring your Web browser for playing MPEG files, check our MPEG Video Player page.

And don't forget to visit the rest of the MPEG.ORG Website!

MPEG-2 Video Codec (with source code)
MPEG-2 Video Player for Windows
AVI to MPEG-1 Encoder for Windows
MPEG-1 Player for Windows

VMPEG-1.7 comes as a 550K self-extracting archive for Windows 3.1/95/NT.

MPEG-1 Programs for DOS

Sorry, there is no contact for MSSG: The authors of the MSSG software have disapeared and left no forwarding address.

The MSSG software is not maintained and provided "as-is".

No support of any sort is available. The MSSG software is known to contain a number of bugs and mistakes. You must find and fix the bugs yourself.

All the information we have is available is on this page.

The MSSG source code is a reference for a long-frozen standard document. Please post serious questions on the comp.compression newsgroup.

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