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Advertiser's benefits

MPEG.ORG is dedicated exclusively to promoting the MPEG standard and MPEG-related technologies (including MP3). It gives access to the best MPEG technical and commercial resources available on the Web. MPEG.ORG has received several awards and is rated on several prominent search engines and internet directories. MPEG.ORG is very visible on the Web and gets several thousand visitors per day.

Banner space on MPEG.ORG is the ideal location for targeted advertising of both professional and consumer MPEG-related products or services.

Your advertising banner will be seen by thousands of people involved in MPEG-related business and by people using or interested in the MPEG technology.

We offer banner space on the following pages:

Page name and link Approx hits/day CPM
MPEG.ORG - MPEG Pointers and Resources (Home Page) 4,000 $40
MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) 3,000 $40
DVD Resources 570 $40
MPEG Systems Resources and Software 200 $40
MPEG Video Resources and Software 700 $40
MPEG Audio Resources and Software 900 $40
MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) 170 $40
MPEG-related Companies and Organizations 190 $40
MPEG Products and Shareware 390 $40
MPEG Reviews 140 $40
MPEG Software Simulation Group 2,000 $40
Configuring your Web Browser to Play MPEG Video 1,300 $40
Configuring your Web Browser to Play MPEG Audio 1,000 $40
Banner characteristics

You must provide a banner and a tag line with the following characteristics:

  • Banner: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, GIF (can be animated) or JPG, preferably less than 10K [smaller banners display faster].
  • Tag line (optional): Up to 10 words. Your tag line will be visible on browsers that do not support in-line images (e.g. mosaic or lynx).

Your banner will be linked to your website.

A banner impression occurs each time one of our page showing that banner is accessed. Exclusivity is not guaranteed, i.e. we may use rotating banners on some of our pages.

Banner pricing

Our CPM rate (CPM = cost per thousand impressions of your banner) for banner advertising depends on the page (see table above).

You select on what page(s) you want your banner to be impressed and you determine the maximum number of impressions that you want to make for a given period. The minimum order is for $1,000. Contract period is one month, renewed month by month. If the number of impression that you ordered is not reached in one month, your contract will be extended until this number is reached.

You will receive weekly statistics regarding impression of your banner by email. Statistics include a detailed list of all hosts that have seen your banner, sorted by domain category, as well as the list of hosts that have clicked-through i.e. actually followed the banner link to get to your website.

Impressions of your banner on our computers (for testing purposes) are of course not counted.

Banner setup

There are no setup fees. If you want to start advertising on MPEG.ORG, all you need to provide is:

  • A banner (see banner characteristics).
  • The URL to which the banner should be linked when people click on it.
  • The MPEG.ORG page(s) where you would like your banner to be placed. In general you do not have exclusivity, i.e. banners will rotate. You are charged only when your banner is displayed. CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) depends on the page.
  • The email address to which we should send the weekly statistics (banner impression and click-through logs)
  • A P.O. reference for $1,000 (we will send you the invoice once the impressions have reached this amount).

That's all. We install your banner immediately when we receive all that.

Terms and conditions

Prices listed are in US Dollars.

Net payment due in 30 days upon delivery of first impression during contract period, month by month.

Impression orders are subject to space availability.

Prices and terms are subject to change at any time and without notice.

We reserve the right to refuse the display of any banner, including but not limited to, banner which is misleading, inaccurate or otherwise in poor taste.


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