Test Model 5

This document contains modified chapters from the original (now outdated) Test Model 5 document that pertain to MPEG-2 Video Main Profile.

The MSSG MPEG-2 video software encoder follows the Test Model recipe with only minor differences such as quantization scale factor smoothing. The Test Model also does not resolve all ambiguities such as linear/non-linear quantization scale selection (q_scale_type), and field/frame dct organization (dct_type).

  • Overview: History and the Surgeon General's Warning about TM-5

  • TOC: Original TM-5 Table of Contents

  • Chapter 5: Motion Estimation and Compensation

  • Chapter 6: Modes and Mode Selection

  • Chapter 7: Transformation and Quantization

  • Chapter 8: Coding

  • Chapter 10: Rate Control and Quantization

  • Appendix A: Discrete Cosine Transform

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