How to order the DVD Spec

The latest edition of Book A and Book B is version 1.0, August 1996.


Fax or telephone the numbers below. Toshiba will send you an NDA form via overnight express mail. Sign the NDA and return it. After your money been wired to a bank account number specied in the NDA package, Toshiba will then mail the full package. The package consists of three documents (Physical, File System, and Video Specifications respectively) plus various small supplemental sheets (

Toshiba will request that you return your old copy in exchange for future updates of the document (if any)

Cost:     $5,000 USD for the first copy of Book A and Book B,
          and $500 USD for each additional copy.

Address:  101, Shibaura 1-Chrome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-01, Japan

Tel:      +81 3 5444 9580

Fax:      +81 3 5444 9430

Company:  Toshiba Corp.

Note 1: each page of the document is stamped with a serial number unique to your book copy. All books are binded.
Note 2: this price does not include the future Audio spec (Book C)