The there applications of DVD are Video, Audio, and CD-ROM. All three discs types are built upon the same physical specification and file structure. Note that "Video" includes associated audio multiplexed at the same time instant. "Audio" (Book C) is stricly audio, and is coded in a very different manner than the audio type of Book B.

DVD Books
Part 3: ApplicationVideo SpecsAudio Specs
Part 2: File SystemUDF-Bridge (M-UDF + ISO 9660)UDF FormatUDF Format
Part 1: PhysicalPhysical formatPhysical formatPhysical format
Disc specifications (Read-Only Disc)Disc specs Write-OnceDisc specs Rewritable
BookBook A: Read Only SpecsBook B: Video SpecsBook C: Audio SpecsBook D: Write-Once SpecsBook E: Rewritabe Specs

Table provided by Toshiba


  • The DVD Audio (Book C) is expected in Summer 1996.
  • A blue laser version of the physical books (A, D, E) is expected by the year 2000.

    Structure of Video Book (Book B): Physical part

    1. General

  • scope
  • general parameters
  • normative reference
  • notations
  • terminologies
  • abbreviations

    2. Disc specifications

  • disc outline
  • environmental conditions
  • measuring conditions
  • mechanical parameters
  • optical parameters
  • recorded parameters
  • operation signals

    3. Information Area Format

  • track structure
  • sector structure
  • modulation method (8/16 Modulation)
  • Lead-in, Middle and Lead-out Area

    Structure of Video Book (Book B): File System Part

    1. General

  • scope
  • Normative Reference
  • Definitions
  • Notations
  • Data types of descriptor field

    2. Volume Structure

  • Requirements for DVD-ROM disc
  • Volume Space
  • Volume Structure of UDF Bridge Format
  • UDF Bridge Volume Recognition Sequence
  • Anchor Point
  • Volume Descriptor Sequence
  • Logical Volume Integrity Sequence
  • CD-ROM Volume Descriptor Set

    3. File Structure

  • Requirements for DVD-ROM disc
  • UDF File Structure
  • UDF File Set Descriptor Sequence
  • UDF Directories
  • ICB
  • ISO 9660 Directory Structure and Path Table

    Structure of Video Book (Book B): Application Part

    1. General

  • Scope
  • General Specifications of Presentation Data
  • Normative Reference

    2. Technical Elements

  • Definitions
  • Symbols
  • Notations
  • Terminology
  • Abbreviations

    3. Introduction

  • Logical Structure of DVD Video
  • Presentation Structure
  • DVD System Model

    4. Navigation Data Structure

  • Video Manager Information (VMGI)
  • Video Title Set Information (VTSI)
  • Program Chain Information (PGCI)
  • Presentation Control Information (PCI)
  • Data Search Information (DSI)
  • Navigation Commands and Navigation Parameters

    5. Video Object (VOB)

  • Contents of VOBs
  • Pack
  • Player Reference Model
  • Presentation Data