Interactive functions

Source: Pioneer

Basic User interface:

  • Control: ten keys and cursor keys
  • Display: menu graphics and high-light

    GUI Display:

  • Menu picture with subpicture and MPEG graphics
  • highlighted area
        1. Title A
        2. Title B
        3. Title C
        4. Previous   5. next
      Multi-page Menu
        1. Title A          4. Title D              7. Title G
        2. Title B          5. Title E              8. Title H
        3. Title C          6. Title F              9. Title I
        Exit  Next          Prev Exit Next          Prev  Exit


    Level of functionality 1. simply play 2. interactivity similar to Video-CD 3. Interactivity simular to PC Applications


    Information Control

  • parental control
  • copy management


  • Title: sub-picture
  • Root: Angle
  • Audio: part of title

    Search functions:

  • program search
  • time search
  • angle search
  • part of title search

    Seamless play function

    Still picture function

    Search Functions by User

    There are 6 search functions defined for DVD. Two are present in most of today's VCRs: the linear style Time Search and Scan (Fast forward, rewind). The other 4 are made possible thanks to the non-linear, random-access playback capability of DVD.

    User operation (ability to scan through or play) can be prohibited by content. This is signalled by such attributes as the parental control level. For example, certain Part_of_Title's can be skipped over which contain R-rated (US) scenes.

    Title SearchUser can select the exact title to shuttle to.
    Part_of_Title Search User can go to specific version (PG-13, R, directors cut, children's version) or camera angle by either title name or number.
    Program Search User can go to a specific scene (car chase, opening credits, gun fight, etc.) within a program chain.
    Time Search User can go to a specific SMPTE style time code (HH:MM:SS:FF) location within a program chain.
    Scan: Scan (linearly) forward or backwards in time.
    GoUp: Within the current program chain, jump to the next program chain. This command traverses the DVD control information hierarchy.

    For Time Searches, all DVD players are required to arrive to the nearest I picture. It is optional that DVD players be capable of arriving at the exact picture (regardless of its picturing coding type).

    Navigation Commands and Parameters

    The author (content provider) is given the freedom of creating an arbitrary branching structure for a given title. Of course some restraint should be exercised since, thanks to interframe MPEG coding dependencies and physical servo mechanism limitations, a program chain cannot be constructed of 30 pictures/sec of totally randomly located information on the disc.

    However, the constant DVD transfer rate of 11 Mbit/sec provides some flexibility when the average program rate is kept lower. For example, if the average bit rate is only 5 Mbit/sec, then the player can waste 6 Mbit/sec of potential transfer rate in random access overhead.

    Player Settings:

    There are 24 system parameters for player setting:

    0 Menu Description Language Code
    1 Audio stream number
    2 Sub-picture Stream number
    3 Angle Number
    4 Title Number
    5 VTS title Number
    6 Title PGC Number
    7 Part of title number for one sequential_PGC_Title
    8 Highlighed Buttom number
    9 Navigation Timer
    10 Title PGC number for Navigation Timer
    11 Audio Mixing Mode for Karaoke
    12 Country Code for Parental Management
    13 Parental Level
    14 Player Configuration for Video
    15 Player Configuration for Audio
    16 Initial Language Code for Audio
    17 Initial Language Code for Sub-picture
    18 Initial Language Code Extension for Sub-picture
    19 Initial Language Code for Sub-picture
    20 Reserved
    21 Reserved
    22 Reserved
    23 Reserved

    General Parameters:

    Used for interactive operation of titles, such as quizzes, or games.

  • 16 general parameters for navigation. These are RAM variables in the DVD players for use as, e.g., arithmetic scratch pads, counters, etc.
  • Arithmetical operations are available (add, compare, etc.)
  • Navigation Commands

    Each command consists of a single instruction or a combination of two or three instructions.

    Instruction Groups:

    Goto branch between command
    Link transfer between same Domain
    Jump transfer between each Domain
    Compare recognition of parameter value
    SetSystem player system setting
    Set calculate GPRM values