Disc Labeling

[from Warner Advanced Media Operations]

Labeling can be similar to standard CD labels or one of three new types:

  • Reverse Printing: underside of blank 0.6mm clear substrate provides unique wet look and additional protection
  • Mastered in Graphics: by transferring images directly to the glass master ensuring 100% yield.
  • Laser Scribed Titles: on stampers, Image added right at press.

    DVD Doubled Sided Disc Label solution:

  • The inner radius of DVD is smaller than regular CD's (to improve areal utilization of disc, hence capacity). This favors the outer edge.
  • labels are printed along outer 5mm edge of disc.
      Label                         Angular arc size
      --------------------------    --------------------
      Movie Title Information:      217 degrees
      Disc ID Code:                  57 degrees
      Side:                          25 degrees
      Company:                       29 degrees
      Gaps between above labels:      8 degrees x 4 gaps